This is a BIG step! I am on Patreon!

Posted on April 15th, 2015   2 Comments

HellenaI’ve written about Patreon before. And for one of our Schwilly Family All-Stars, it has truly made a difference in her ability to generate income and dedicate time to creating music. So today I want to share a post from the lovely Héllena. This is not only experiential evidence that Patreon really works, but a beautiful example how how you can incorporate blogging into your marketing strategy. Enjoy!


Finally found the time to write a blog again! It’s been a while since I’ve been trying to find ways of making an income from my music. London is very expensive and it doesn’t forgive mistakes. Definitely one of the hardest cities to live in. People run like crazy all day including me and it takes (in average) about 3 hours to go to work and back…plus don’t let me even get started with how expensive the underground is..if you visited London..I’m sure you noticed.. :)

Anyway it’s me babbling again!!! heheh Got to stop this and get to the point! So…
I’ve been living in London for more than 3 and a half years now, I changed several jobs, worked everywhere (restaurants mostly) and I’ve been a part time Sales assistant in a jewelry shop too since 2012. Needless to say that as an Artist I hated the job and it killed my creativity. There was nothing wrong with the job itself..but it wasn’t for me. I was literally coming back home from work and there was no life in my eyes.
If you hate your job…you know what I’m talking about. Anyway…this thing couldn’t go on and on anymore. I’ve been there for too long…almost 3 years. So I started pushing myself to think of new ways to improve my life.

If you know me, then you know I am present on my social networks and I interact with all my fans…a lot. I appreciate these people. These people care about me..and I care about them. We established a wonderful relationship. Ahhh the magic of the internet! So I thought…well the best way of making an income from my art is to give the opportunity to my fans to support me financially and thanks to the universe that works in mysterious ways.. a friend of mine introduced me Patreon. Patreon is a platform that gives the chance to people to support their fav artist! AMAZING, RIGHT? He has one himself by the way…his name is Tommy Darker and this is his Patreon page if you want to support him!

I started working on my Patreon page in the end of January 2015…and I took the risk to quit the Sales Assistant job hoping that my fans will be there holding the net to catch me as I fall. And guess what! THEY DID! I love these people so much!!!! I started contacting people about my Patreon on the 7th of March and just a week later I raised $482 from 25 patrons so far! It’s going great! I believe more people will jump in in the future and that probably means I will be making at least a basic living from my art.

The Way Patreon Works:

You choose one of the rewards…there are several amounts…you go with what you want. Even $1 is appreciated! You DO NOT get charged right away. You get charged ONLY when I post a creation (new song, cover song, lyrics, video etc). So for example if I don’t post anything for 3 months…you do not get charged. If I post a creation once a month (which is my goal) then you get charged once a month. You can edit/cancel your pledge anytime you want! I love Patreon already and here’s to a great new beginning with more Art from me that I hope will enrich your lives and make you feel good when you listen to it!

Pledging on Patreon is a Win Win situation! You support an artist financially..and you get exclusive rewards back!

Support your favourite artists. It’s the only way for you to keep getting more of the Art you enjoy/like!! This is my Patreon page by the way if you want to support:

Many many thanks for reading this! I appreciate each and every one of you showing support.

With love and positivity,


Héllena is a Greek independent artist, currently residing in London, trying to make a sustainable living from her Art without having to sell out. If you want to contact her and exchange ideas here are few links where you can find her. Say hi, she won’t bite :D




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