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Actually, Your Equipment Is Probably Fine

I don’t think I’ve ever been a fan of any “Battle of the Bands” setup, but I’ve been a judge for a couple of them. People asked, and it was something to do. After one such outing, a band that didn’t win was curious as to what had prevented them from reaching the top of…

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The 2X/ 4X Guideline

Inevitably, as you try to make money playing live, you will run into the question of what might be a reasonable amount of money for your act to bring in per night. (This question is also tied to what rooms you can expect to work in.) Now, of course, there are no hard and fast…

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Three Reasons Why I’ll Tell You NOT To Pursue A Record Deal

I really don’t think you should get a record deal. Wait – let me rephrase that. I really don’t think you should spend time, effort, money, and emotional stamina to get a record deal. I played music myself, once, and hungered after a contract. I never got one, and I’m actually pretty okay with that.…

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Sounding “Good” Everywhere

I got into this business thinking I would be an engineer in a studio. That’s not how it worked out. Live-sound got a hold of me, and that was pretty much it. Even so, I do some occasional studio-style mixing, and I think I’m starting to get the hang of it. One of the major…

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If You’re Going To Talk, Talk Like You Mean It

For some artists, stage banter is just a box they check. “Oh, I’m between songs. I need to say something…” And so they proceed to yak about whatever. Maybe it’s about what the next song means to them, or something. Who knows. You only get about 10% of it, because they do at least one…

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Bring ‘Em If Ya Got ‘Em

“Should I bring my amp?” the musician asks in the show-planning email thread.


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Treatment VS Soundproofing

A lot of my musician friends are discovering just how viable it is to produce their own material in the spaces available to them regularly. Under the right circumstances, doing so allows for leaner budgeting, and even a much steadier release cycle. (You can work with and release tunes on, say, a monthly basis, rather…

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How To Buy A Microphone For Live Performance

If you’re playing in bars and clubs, there will most likely come a day when you encounter a certain artifact. Some might call this artifact “The Scepter Of Plagues.” Others might name it “The Odiferous Transducer Of Doom.” The rest of us just call it a mic that’s been beaten half-to death, and which has…

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