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Connections: You, Seeing Me, Seeing You

Independent musician Shannon Curtis talks about what she’s learned through her work as a songwriter and performer about the connections we make with one another. It’s a lesson that began in living rooms and backyards all over the country, and culminated in a viral Facebook video watched by millions around the world.

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Treat Your Fans This Holiday Season

The holidays are a great opportunity to reach out to your community of supporters and give them opportunities for giving great gifts that involve your music. Here are a few quick ideas:

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Why I’m All In for House Concerts

About a month ago, I got home from a 60-show summer tour, on which I didn’t set foot in a single music venue or club. Every show took place in the living room or backyard of someone who supports my music. We did shows in 19 US states and one province of Canada. We drove…

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