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How To Buy A Microphone For Live Performance

If you’re playing in bars and clubs, there will most likely come a day when you encounter a certain artifact. Some might call this artifact “The Scepter Of Plagues.” Others might name it “The Odiferous Transducer Of Doom.” The rest of us just call it a mic that’s been beaten half-to death, and which has…

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Bore Me. Please.

Of course, your show should be exciting. It should be bursting with color, light, and sonic textures. The attention of everyone in attendance should be held rapt with every word, such that any notion of NOT being enthralled by your performance borders on the distasteful.


The technical execution of your show should not be exciting at all. It should contribute nothing to the adrenaline rush of the experience. For the humans tasked with the practical work of ensuring that your show does burst with tangy lights and savory audio, pulling it all off should be routine.

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Regarding Arrangements and Audio Humans – A Letter

I urge you to view your song arrangements as your responsibility.

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How To Improve At Speaking Between Songs

Wade Sutton is back with an in-depth exploration of a highly neglected, yet extremely important (if you want to make money) skill-set for musicians. It’s all about how you interact with your audience during your live performances.

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