For Musicians Who Are Overwhelmed By Your “To-Do” Lists

To-Do lists can be a lot like the “Bog of Eternal Stench”!

The longer you spend on them, the deeper you get…

As I was building my business, I was constantly taking in new information and applying it.

Although taking in as much information as possible is important at a certain stage, it will eventually sink you.

I found out he hard way that there is FAR more information on the inter webs than you could ever possibly apply.

I reached a point where I was rolling out of bed at 7am and heading straight to my computer. Then I would sit there, zombified, ticking off things from my to-do list until 11 at night.

Not only that… 

Since I was subscribed to ALL the music biz blogs, podcasts, and websites I could find, my to-do list was longer by the time I went to bed than it was when I got up!

I didn’t eat well. I didn’t exercise. I didn’t spend time with my wife. And eventually I sunk into a deep depression that nearly ended my career. 

Even though I was making a living, I wasn’t living life. 

But I WAS able to climb out of The Bog and solve The Labyrinth.

And now I get more (important) stuff done in 6 hours than I used to in 16 hours.

Here’s how:

1: I Unsubscribed From Almost Everything. 

I figured out which source of information was giving me the MOST powerful information and unsubscribed from everything else. 

There were some good sources that I came back to later. But I made it a point to focus on learning from one teacher at a time. 

That way, I wasn’t spending time on redundant or conflicting strategies. And I stopped adding more things to my to-do list than I was able to check off each day.

2: I Set Time Limits.

I STILL have an egg timer that I have on whenever I’m Facebooking. It starts at 30 minutes when I get up. And when it reaches zero I’m DONE Facebooking for the day.

I also set up an 8-hour timer. When that ran out, I was DONE working for the day, whether things were finished or not. 

It freed up time to actually take care of myself and enjoy life. It forced me to look critically at my to-do list and delete a LOT of stuff I realized didn’t need to be there. And it helped me stay focused and stop procrastinating.

It helped so much that now I’m down to 6 hours per workday 😉

3: I Started Planning Ahead.

Instead of looking at my list each morning and cherry-picking what I was in the mood for, I started taking time at the end of the week to look at my list and slot tasks into my schedule for the entire upcoming week. 

That way, I couldn’t get distracted by the easy (and usually unimportant) stuff. I knew WHAT I had to get done each day when I got to my desk and HOW MUCH time I had to do it in.

Within a couple of weeks I was able to accurately predict what I could get done in a week. It also helped me knock a BUNCH of other pointless stuff off my list.

4: I Prioritized.

I decided on 4 things that were crucial for me to get done on a regular basis and created a system to reward myself for doing those things using a wall calendar and fun stickers.

Those are the most important tools I used to get my to-do list under control and take back my life.

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