Complete Web Design Package W/ Lifetime Support ($1,500)

Team Schwilly will build your entire website, including your store, and a crowdfunding campaign should you ever chose to run one. I prefer to run crowdfunding directly through the musician’s website in order to avoid the exorbitant platform fees that PledgeMusic, Kickstarter, etc charge.

We use WordPress, which once built is fairly easy to manage. So after we build it we will teach you how to update your schedule, store, and anything else you might need to do. At that point you should be able to manage it yourself easily.

You can choose from any of these themes (which we can further customize):

We also provide lifetime support, which means if there’s ever anything you can’t figure out or any technical issues, we’ll either teach you or handle it for you. This helps you avoid any ongoing “webmastering” fees that most designers like to charge.

The price for this package is $1,500.

The only other cost you will be responsible for is your hosting and domain name. If you don’t already have a hosting plan I you can get a 42% discount from HostGator with the coupon code “TheSchwillyHookup”.