T.K. Bollinger

Long-time sad sack and veteran tiller of doom, t.k. bollinger has been writing and recording songs since the grunge plague of 1991. His music has developed over the years to become a sweetly tortured fusion of Doom Blues, Gothic Country and post apocalyptic Gregorian Chant.

He cut his teeth, mainly as a back seat driver, playing drums in the Melbourne alt-Rock 3 piece Rifled Slug and later for the much-ignored acid-folk combo, The Stinking Badger of Java.

Defecting briefly to electronica at the end of the millennium, but later saw the error of his ways while driving through the deserts of Australia in 2004. Collecting songs and impressions on his way to the top-end caused him to strip back his material and to begin playing an idiosyncratic style of country blues.

Not content to leave things there, and to cries of Judas, he went electric again in 2011, jamming with Vis Ortis and R.S. Amor, two long time friends and collaborators. The ensuing musical apoplexy coalesced into t.k. bollinger and that sinking feeling. They released the album, A Catalogue of Woe, in August 2014. Upon it’s release, the rest of his band was so appalled that they moved to Tasmania and now seek to redeem themselves – crafting the log awaited sequel Doom Blues, to be released in 2018.

In the meantime Bollinger took it upon himself to hand tool his bummer opus, Shy Ghosts. Released in January 2016, it was a collection of tales of lost and little mourned ghosts – slow, delicately arranged songs that spoke of sorrow and loss, dementia and decay, fog and fear.

2017 proves to be an exciting year for bollinger and his musical fanatics. A new album, What is Left Now You Are Dead to Me has been completed and set for release in October 2017. Still in bollinger’s confessional style it promises to be a lusher and, possibly, more hopeful collection of songs.

To find out more by visiting http://tkbollinger.com/