Ultimate Indie Album Release Roadmap

2843701Let’s face it. Being an indie artist is hard work.

For many of us, it means we serve as our own booking agents, music publishers, record labels, publicists/marketers, distributors and accountants. We have to get creative, roll up our sleeves and make things happen in our careers often with very little support or funding. How many times have you searched for resources online, ask friends for advice or just jumped in and learned by doing?

Lately I’ve been working on a new record Ghosts in the Field, and I’ve been thinking about the complex process of releasing a record as an indie artist. And it is a process—one full of planning and a lot of moving parts.

To help bring it all together, I’ve created the Ultimate Indie Album Release Roadmap for you! And, because I’ve been blogging for a few years, I included bonus how-to resource links (dashed line boxes indicate links) on topics such as lyric videos, radio promotion, media tips, pitching to film and TV and more. (Note that the same concepts would work if you were releasing EPs or even singles).

Have I missed anything? What would you find helpful to add to the mix? Share your comments below!

Click the Roadmap to Download it

  • Sheryl Diane

    This could make a nice wall poster for indies! My experience with making my first album went well. My engineer and I slow boat the recording to one to two songs a month. I had covers so I learned how to license. Artwork came first for me which really helped wrap my mind around the completed look of the album. Graphics was right before production. I did one epic fail. I tried for reviews and radio simultaneously and learned REVIEWS first! I think having money for radio distribution is the biggest hurdle and frequently missing from the plan. Without it, your recording ain’t a-going anywhere 🙁 so YouTube really remains a portal of chance and discovery and the main distributor for broke musicians. Live shows/touring are still my favorite for discovering music but I came of age in the 80’s when everybody toured in vans. And you must have press planned early to make discovery happen!!!