How To Avoid Getting Screwed By The Music Industry

Too many musicians just want to have the business stuff done for them.

But that’s a privilege you’re only entitled to AFTER you’ve achieved significant success.

The music biz is a relationship game. So no one is going to build your career for you as well as you can for yourself.

Besides, the only way to make sure that the people you hire are doing their job properly is to learn to do it yourself first.

Once you have systems in place you can make responsible decisions about whether you want to outsource certain tasks (which you’ll still have to supervise), and how much of your income you really want to give up to middlemen.

There are a LOT of shady people in the music in-DUH-stry.

So if you insist on ONLY paying attention to making music you’ll get screwed over… a lot… with no vaseline.

I laugh out loud when musicians accuse me of being shady because I focus on education instead of managing and building careers for people who don’t want to learn.

They say stuff like, “if your stuff really worked you’d do it FOR me in exchange for a percentage of future profits”.

The truth is if you’re not willing to work you’ve got no chance, no matter how much anyone else does for you. So I would never waste my time on someone that comes at me with that attitude.

There are plenty of people out there who will sell you broken promises. And that’s what you’re gonna get if you don’t take ownership of your career.

Speaking of taking ownership, one way to get the education you need in order to do that is to go to university and get an MBA specializing Entrepreneurial Small Business. Then spend a few years applying the theories and processes you learned to a wide variety of musicians so that you can distill your knowledge down to the most potent and universal principles.

That’s what I did. It cost me about $40,000.

Another option that’s available for a fraction of that price the Musicpreneur Apprentice Program.

That’s where I teach you everything you need (and nothing you don’t need) to know about building your own community of raving, paying superfans and turning your dream into a real-life business.