Mr. Krax

Mr Krax is a songwriter and producer from Sweden. When he was just a little boy the Beatles arrived and that changed his life forever. During the years to come he developed his own kind of music that pops and rocks with a funky blues twist.

As a teenager he played in a cover band – The Jam Session Group. Mostly songs of the 60s and a lot of blues, hence the name. Later he formed a small vocal group – Prefix. They had a repertoire of Swedish popular songs, folk songs, and the like. It was three part harmony and a guitar. A whole different genre of music as you can see.

In the early 70s it was time to make something with the original songs. So an LP was recorded under cheap conditions in the DIY way. These songs were not even near the genre that Prefix used to play but that name was used anyway. In fact the other two members were barely not on the record at all. The LP was called ”Brustna illusioner (Broken Illusions)” and did not make much of an impact….

Then came the 80s and a twelve year break in songwriting.

Suddenly one day everything had gone digital!

So Mr Krax was born and released his first home made CD in 2001. The digital revolution rushed on and iTunes, Spotify, and the like of those popped up in cyberspace. As of 2013 Mr Krax is now a downloadable and streaming artist available in all those digital stores. What’s more his Swedish incarnation Herr Krax also lives in cyberspace with the songs in Swedish language.

Check him out at: MrKrax.Com