The Difference Between the Musicpreneur Apprentice Program 1.0 and 2.0

Here’s a question I’m starting to hear quite a bit:

“What’s the difference between the Musicpreneur Apprentice Program 1.0 and the MAP 2.0?”

There are actually a few differences. So here they are:

1: The lessons in the MAP 1.0 were presented as live webinars and currently live as replays in the classroom. For 2.0 I’m breaking down those lessons into smaller, bite-sized bits and recording more polished (scripted) videos.

2: There is a LOT more homework. Each lesson will include an assignment. They won’t be graded. Rather, most of them will be submitted for peer review in our Student Lounge (FB Group) so that we can ALL learn from and be inspired by each other’s efforts.

The community aspect of the MAP is one of the key benefits that makes it stand out from any other program. So this is a great way to leverage that advantage.

3: I have updated the lessons based on over a year’s worth of learning from dozens of MAPers testing out and improving upon our ideas.

4: I have added new modules based on things that we have learned and discovered are important over the last year. The new modules include:

-The Musicpreneur Mindset

-Time Management

-Repurposing Content

-A Greatly Expanded Monetization Module

-A Pilot Program For Patreon

5: More Bonuses! In addition to the bonuses offered in the MAP 1.0 I will be adding:

-MORE One-On-One Coaching

-1 Year of Free Access to TweepMaster (our “SFMers Only” Twitter App which handles targeted growth, auto-dm, AND advanced messaging like nothing you’ve ever seen).

-Discount on Web Design Services

Yeah, the MAP 2.0 is going to be a pretty big deal. I’d say about twice as big of a deal as the MAP 1.0. And the price will reflect that.

Anyone who’s part of the MAP 1.0 will get upgraded for free.

If you want the extra bonuses, wait until I launch the MAP 2.0 in December to join.

But if you’re happy with the current bonuses and want to get in at a lower price, time is running out to join the MAP 1.0.

The door is closing on October 31st so that I can spend November putting together the final touches for the grand reopening!

Join us here:

  • Scott Astill

    Shared in the hope that I can introduce some sign ups for MAP1.0 before 31st.