Which kind of musician are YOU trying to be?

For most of human history, musicians have been community leaders. Creating connections, opening minds, and giving harmony to the voice of the people.

People would gather around them and rally behind them.

Celebrity is relatively recent. It’s about a lot of people loving you from a distance. It’s a product of large-scale, corporate marketing.

The internet, and the content that we’re able to share with it, gives us the ability to go back to being community leaders.

It’s about a FEW people loving you up close. And about those people being enough.

With the “celebrity” model, 1% become super-rich while 99% either remain destitute or have to maintain a “day job” to support their families.

With the “community-leader” model, being a musician is a respectable middle-class job where anyone with enough musical and entrepreneurial skills can make a place for themselves.

Which kind of musician are YOU trying to be?

  • Philip Quintas

    I am trying to be a community-leader, a relationship-builder and a people-connector. I have big dreams and goals, but the core of it is working with other folks who are serious about using our gifts to produce the best work of our lives that benefits others. Thanks for asking, your question helps me to focus clearly on what is most important.