WHY I Work So Hard For Musicians

I believe that everyone deserves to feel inspired and appreciated.

I help facilitate those feelings by empowering musicians to connect with fans who they can inspire, and who will truly appreciate them.

I happen to educate musicpreneurs, build websites, and provide services for musicians.

Wanna hire me?

You can do so here: http://schwillyfamilymusicians.com/resources/type/help/


The above is a template you can follow to create the kind of marketing message that builds loyalty with your fans, as opposed to transactional relationships.

The KEY is to lead with your WHY.

Then follow up with the HOW, the WHAT, and your CALL-TO-ACTION.

Take note of how my “why” has nothing to do with what I actually do for money. The focus is on what I BELIEVE about how the world should be. 

The higher principles by which you live your life are what create deep and meaningful connections with your community, and give them long-term reasons to support you.

I went on Facebook Live in our group the other day to talk about this in more detail. 

Go ahead and check it out, and then leave a comment to tell me about YOUR “why”: